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We provide a dexterous hand in offering expert suggestions and tactics to achieve that with proven methods of link building including ethical link building. Ethical link building is a process by which you will get links to your web site from other sites without any special link exchange schemes and this is a proven method to increase the traffic to your website and to increase he page rank in giant search engines.

4 important lessons to Learn about Links Developing Based on the Google Penguin Update

Finding place for your business in the search engine can be really difficult but it is not something that is altogether impossible. The difficulty in publishing your contents in the search engine and sustain the contents so published has become even more difficult after the Penguin update made by Google. Below are four important lessons that one needs to take and know about creating links and sustaining those links as well.

Be aware of keywords usage

Adding of unnatural keywords is one of the biggest problems. Using natural and stuffed keywords will do more harm than good to your contents and will hamper your progress is developing link to your website. Google or any other search engine will not allow for ranking of such artificial or unnatural keyword based content. Also, ensure that no keywords are being used with duplicate anchor text links which are brought for a price.

Donít go for paid links

Getting paid text links can turn out to be a huge problem for you. Many companies pay and get certain terms and links from other website. This is not acceptable as per the terms of Google and your content page will be removed from the search engine and there will be no results left for your site.

Links from spam sites

While creating links from particular site, make sure that the links are live without any spam issues. If you have created inbound links from sites that are affected by virus or flagged as malware, it will definitely cause a negative impact for your site. Your website will also lose the ranking that it has managed to get because of the links containing malware.

Pay caution on guest post concept

Publishing guest posts are considered to be one of the white hat techniques that help in creating links and traffics to the website. If you are planning to write a guest post for particular website, ensure that the site is clean and does not contain any spam. It is also important to know that creating links out of contents that are merely keyword stuffed will not bring in the necessary results and as per the Google Penguin update, it will be wiped out from the search engine.

On the whole, it is important to be aware of the latest updates made regarding the optimum usage of the search engines. The more informed you are, the better will be the results.

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